Laura Palacios

Vienna, Austria.

I started with therapies for my son, who tried many other resources, including psychotherapy. It has been a magical help and I see great changes in my son. After seeing the changes in him, I decided to begin seeing Marilu and it has been nice and interesting to experience such positive changes.

Where before I had difficulty connecting to my son, now there is tranquility and peace. It is PURE MAGIC that leads you to recreate yourself and see life with a different mindset. Like paradise on earth.

Miriam Fernandez


I used to feel fear and anxiety, which affected my sleep. Thanks to Marilu, this has subsided. In one of my therapies with Marilu, when she was correcting something in me,

I could feel myself letting go of what was holding me down. I felt great peace and a balance in my energies. I felt like whatever was weighing me down had been let go. It is not a matter of believing or not believing and I am very grateful.

Ana Pina

Toronto, Canada.

It’s important to work on letting go of the baggage you accumulate in life.

During the therapy you really experience an immediate change.

Aurora Milton

Toronto, Canada.

Thank you very much Marilu, I have felt much better. The changes I have experienced are incredible.

Ibeth Gonzales

Toronto, Canada.

The therapies with Marilu have been quite rewarding.

She has given therapies for my family, and we have noticed many positive changes. I have been working on achieving my personal goals; the support I get from the therapies with Marilu have helped me overcome my obstacles.

I don’t know how it works but it does! Marilu, I want to thank you with all my heart and I will tirelessly recommend you to my friends.

Marilu is a significant support; I am very grateful and happy for her presence in our lives.


Talavera, Spain.

All the emotional load that I was carrying disappeared since my first therapy with Marilu.

My mindset completely changed and I want to thank you because now I live an incredible life that I only dreamed about.

Natasha Quintero

Barcelona, Spain.

In a session with Marilu about my career, I initially had doubts about my path; I began to see clearly and certainly that I am on the right track.

I feel very connected to my inner wisdom. Marilu and I worked to clear away my fears. Now my decisions are from the heart, not from my fears.

My anxiety no longer dwells within me. Today, my focus is connected to my passion; my actions aligned to my desires. I live in acceptance and peace. Sometimes we have situations that need only a small adjustment so that everything fits.

One session with Marilu unblocked me from a professional topic that I had been stuck in for over 10 years! The session inspired a positive effect on me, not only because I fixed the problem, but also the increased consciousness has allowed me to look at everything from another perspective.

Definitely follow your intuition to book a session with Marilu.

Paty Loyo

Toronto, Canada.

It is pure magic!

Rita Palacios

Toronto, Canada.

I have known Marilu for over a year and can say that her sessions have been very beneficial for me and my family. My family and I have experienced a release of limiting emotions and fears that were affecting us for a long time. I used to be very anxious and sometimes felt like I couldn’t cope.

The change I’ve experienced has been dramatic; I highly recommend her therapies. I have never felt more freedom in my life. I feel very different and very happy.

I recommend that you give yourself the opportunity to get as many sessions as you need with Marilu to manifest abundance in your life. Thank you very much Marilu for everything you do for families around the world and humanity.