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Marilu Zugasti, therapist, Quantum Mind Method®

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The power of a Quantum Mind Therapy

We live in a quantum reality, where everything we observe in the quantum field is what will be manifested in our lives. This is explained very well by the Law of Attraction which says that if you wish to create something in your life, you must visualize it before obtaining it.

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Creating your future

As humans, we have a very complex mind where our active conscious mind occupies a small percentage of observation with respect to the unconscious mind. As a result, our creations are often those of pain, fear, sickness and limitation. This is a direct result of our unconcious mind being the only one having direct focus in the quantum field and our lack of active attention to it.

All our memories, whether personal or those of our ancestors, are within our unconcious mind. With these memories, we inevitably repeat the same pattern again and again, be it with health problems, relationship issues, career/business problems, or personal finance problems.


Hence, this is where neutralization of these energies comes in. With this method, I find which exact memories are being observed within the quantum field and, in turn, manifesting in your day to day life. When I find the root cause, I clear away this energy so that it may not obstruct your life any more.

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How the therapies work

In order to get the best results, I will ask you between 3 and 5 questions that you wish to approach in a brief manner. Afterwards, with the remaining time in your appointment, I will continue to perform my corrections. Throughout the session, I will ask you how you are feeling and if you have felt any change.

In the remote method, I perform the corrections without your attendance in Zoom and provide you a summary of my findings and what I cleared away.

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